Elated Flair

Natural, classic style

For an everlastingly elegant look, complements any style & fashion.

Elated Flair 1.0
Elated Flair 1.1
Elated Flair 1.2
Elated Flair 1.3
Elated Flair 1.4
Elated Flair 2.0
Elated Flair 2.1
Elated Flair 2.2

Fabulous Flair

Bold, trendy style

For you who wish to make a brave statement, standing out from the rest.

Fabulous Flair 1.0
Fabulous Flair 2.0
Fabulous Flair 2.1

Strip Lashes

Non-irritant glue

Apply your lashes with no worries by using our dermatologically proven and outstanding performance Strip Lashes Glue to keep your lashes on fleek throughout the day!

Strip Lashes